a game-changing
drug discovery platform

We are a biotech company building micro4all, the first Molecule Search Engine that disrupts the Drug Discovery Process.
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Micro4all, a game-changing drug discovery platform

We are a biotech company building micro4all, the first Molecule Search Engine that disrupts the Drug Discovery Process..
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Position Available at NAICONS

NAICONS takes part in two new projects funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Doctoral Network:
MAGic-MOLFUN - https://magic-molfun.dtu.dk/ and
BREAKthrough - https://breakthrough-project.eu/
Starting in Ianuary 2023, both projects will train early stage researchers in Europe to develop and apply novel tools to identify bioactive molecules and to address serious and global problems of antibiotic resistance.
NAICONS will be part of this two outstanding research projects by hiring two Early Stage Researchers (ESR)

Who we are

NAICONS is a biotechnology company that has developed a proprietary Platform called micro4all, the first Molecule search engine that is going to redefine the Drug Discovery Process.


Our Vision

Become a global leader in providing game-changing Discovery solutions to our target markets (drugs, cosmetics, food and beverage) by creating a breakthrough Platform that puts together outstanding assets and knowhow in natural products with state-of-the-art Data Science.

Our Mission

NAICONS is a game-changing platform that allows effective discovery of promising natural products for a variety of applications.

Our target is the entire research community, both industry and academia, interested in finding new drug leads for multiple applications, new additives in cosmetics, foods and beverages, and in using natural products to probe biological processes.

We have developed a Proprietary Platform that merges diversified biological resources and knowhow in natural products with big data and artificial intelligence to provide a rapid identification of the Molecules of interest.

Our Platform, named micro4all, is going to provide the first Search-and-Order Molecules Engine available through an online subscription.

The combination of proprietary Assets and Workflow, along with Knowhow and Accessibility, are unmatched by anyone at a Global Level today.

Efficiency of the Discovery process and Time to Market are our key Differentiators.


Who we are

Naicons is a biotechnology company devoted to discovering and developing novel bioactive compounds. Our own programs aim at combating and preventing a broad range of infectious diseases. By leveraging our technology platform and our expertise, Naicons supports many organizations, especially those looking to:

  • License promising products in various stages of development
  • Draw on our extensive collection of microbes and microbe-derived products and data
  • Work with a team of experts who can confidently solve a client's R&D challenges
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How we work

We collaborate with large and small companies as well as research institutions looking to unlock new compounds. We operate under a win-win model.



micro4all consists of a large and diversified strain library, ready-to-test microbe-derived products and associated data, and our team's deep expertise. Our microbial products have broad applicability in different sectors for a wide range of applications.