Management Team

A small team of experienced managers

Stefano Donadio, Chief Executive Officer

Sonia I. Maffioli, Director, Chemistry

Margherita Sosio, Director, Microbiology

Ermenegildo Beghé, Director, Financial and legal affairs

Stefano Donadio, PhD:

Founder and CEO. Over 30-year industrial experience in large, medium-size and startup companies involved in antibiotic discovery and development. His experience spans from drug discovery and development to company creation and management. He has contributed to developing the production processes for dalbavancin (marketed in 2014) and ramoplanin (in phase III clinical studies). He was involved in asset acquisition from Vicuron Pharmaceuticals, in out-licensing NAI-Acne and NAI-107, in negotiating R&D collaborations with international partners and in several successful grant applications funded by regional, national, European and international agencies. Prior to NAICONS, he was a cofounder and Director at Biosearch Italia/Vicuron Pharmaceuticals and, before that, a scientist at Abbott Laboratories (Chicago). He is the author of over 140 publications and patent applications in the fields of antibiotics and antibiotic-producing bacteria. He holds a degree in Chemistry from The University of Naples, Italy, with post-doctoral experience at Johns Hopkins University and The University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Sonia Ilaria Maffioli, PhD:

Founder and Chemistry Director. Over 20-year industrial experience in medium-size and startup companies involved in antibiotic discovery and development. Her experience spans from early drug discovery to the development of drug candidates. She has overseen the CMC aspects related to filing the IMPD for NAI-Acne, has developed a scalable DSP for NAI-107 and has optimized the semisynthetic process for dalbavancin (marketed in 2014) preparation. She has contributed to the characterization of the impurities of NAI-107, NAI-Acne and dalbavancin. Prior to NAICONS, she contributed to the process development of anticancer agents at Teva Pharmaceuticals and was Medicinal Chemistry group leader at Biosearch Italia/Vicuron Pharmaceuticals. She is the author of over 40 publications and patent applications in the fields of drug discovery. She holds a Chemistry degree with post-graduate training in Synthetic Chemistry from The University of Milan.

Margherita Sosio, PhD:

Margherita Sosio is co-founder and Microbiology Director at Naicons Srl.  She brings more than 30 years of senior-level leadership experience in medium-size and startup companies involved in antibiotic discovery and development. Her experience spans from technology development to screening to optimization of production processes. She has contributed to assay development for antibiotic discovery, isolation of novel taxa of antibiotic producers and genomics of actinomycetes, to the dalbavancin production process and to optimization of a production process for a new lantibiotic. She played a leading role for the preparation of a master cell bank for a marketed antibiotic.

She has acted as a Coordinator of the FP7 project LAPTOP 245066 and is currently Principal Investigator in the H2020 projects Train2Target and NOMORFILM. Prior to NAICONS, she was a research scientist in Biosearch Italia-Vicuron and, before that, at Farmitalia. She has authored over 80 publications and patent applications in the field of antibiotics. She holds a degree in Agricultural Sciences from the University of Milan, a Ph.D. from the University of Pavia, and postdoctoral training at ETH, Zürich.

Dr. Ermenegildo Beghé:

Founder and CFO. He has a consolidated experience in finance, controlling, project management, organization, and M&A. Over the past 10 years, he has been a financial and strategic advisor for several companies in various fields of business, including advertising, sport equipment and hotels. Previously, he served as CFO and Director for Brainpower, an ICT small-cap listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, which was sold to Bloomberg in a successful cash transaction in 2007. He was CFO at Biosearch Italia, listed on Milan Stock Exchange, where he managed the stock for stock merger into Vicuron Pharmaceuticals in 2003 (listed on both the Milan Stock Exchange and Nasdaq), where he served as CFO Europe. He covered previously various roles in finance and administration in Snia and Rhodia groups. He holds a degree in economics from Bocconi University, Milan.